About VTOL Protective Laminates

VTOL Protective Laminates is a company comprised of military and aviation industry veterans who are passionate about delivering protective solutions for aircraft transparencies. Our goals are to extend the life, improve the safety, and reduce the costs associated with aircraft transparencies. We do this through the use of transparent protective laminates.

VTOL Protective Laminates and the ASSALT® product line of protective laminates was created to meet the need for protective materials resulting from damage done to aircraft that increasingly operate in harsh environments. The ASSALT® product line was originally designed to prevent wear and impact damage due to sand and particle impacts on military rotorcraft windscreens. Extensive work was conducted with the US Army to develop and field the ASSALT® V1 on the CH-47, UH-60, and AH-64 aircraft.

To expand on lessons learned with the ASSALT® V1 product, VTOL was contracted by the US Navy to develop an improved version of the protective laminate that would be suitable for the marine environment. Improvements made to the V1 product during this effort include: an increased adhesive bond strength, extended UV life, easier installation and removal, improved moist/humid performance, and increased total light transmission. After going through an extensive testing and qualification process, the new ASSALT® V3 protective laminate was fielded on US Navy and Marine H-60 and H-1 aircraft. As with the pervious V1 product, the V3 product remains compatible with all aircraft systems such as windscreen heat and deice, windscreen wipers, and Night Vision Devices (NVDs).

VTOL now uses the experiences gained in all military efforts to develop and provide all customers with valuable protective solutions that truly perform to military specifications.