VTOL Protective Laminates are currently
    being used in Northern Africa by Airbus
    Helicopters and their customers as part of
    a desert modification package designed to
    maximize system life in the harsh environment.

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  • UH-60/HH-60
    VTOL proudly offers the ASSALT®V3
    protective film for use on all H-60 platforms.
    VTOL protective laminates are a cost effective
    method of mitigating impact and abrasion
    damage caused by sand, rocks, and particle
    impacts during multi-ship operations.

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  • NH90
    VTOL Laminates are currently available
    for NH90 helicopters worldwide. NH90 users
    from France to Australia and places in between
    are enjoying the protection offered by the
    VTOL protective laminates.

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  • H225
    VTOL Laminates are newly released and currently
    available for H225 helicopters worldwide. H225
    users may now enjoy the protection and cost
    savings offered by the VTOL protective laminates.

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  • VTOL ML3
    VTOL’s “ML3” product will offer the maximum
    impact and abrasion protection available in
    an aviation laminate. The product’s 3 removable
    layers will be fully systems compatible and
    field serviceable. Available soon!
  • 212/412 FAA STC
    VTOL is currently working on obtaining an AML
    Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Bell
    212/412 (and variants) helicopter. Work on the
    STC is scheduled to finish mid-2015.
  • Racing Laminates
    VTOL Protective Laminates now offers the same
    ASSALT® V3 technology used in aviation for
    use on your automobile. Protect your valuable
    headlights and windscreen from rocks and track
    debris during races or track days.

Welcome To The VTOL Protective Laminates Website

For those wondering if your aircraft could benefit from VTOL protective laminates, consider this video. By clicking on the "play" icon, you can see how many particle impacts could be generated in a "brown-out" type landing. Particle impacts on transparencies are also very common in multi-ship operations.

Notice the large airborne particles that are impacting the aircraft windscreen in the top right section of the video. VTOL protective laminates will mitigate this impact damage from airborne particles, prevent the windscreen abrasion caused by sand, and will have added benefits with respect to bird-strikes and post-flight maintenance.